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First aid training 'vital' at mine sites'

Kerry: Mine closures are necessary "to provide life safety for mine workers and to protect the environment"

Kerry: Mine closures are necessary to provide life safety for mine workers and to protect the environment.

US: The US will help Ukraine's Mine Action Centre: "We support the mine closure initiative as a means to resolve mine safety problems," a US State Department spokesperson said in a statement. "The US Embassy will provide the technical, technical and financial assistance Ukraine requests in the matter of these mine closures."

The mine closure initiative aims to close off mines by using explosives and a combination of pressure-capped water and explosives-assisted drills to break mines.

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As a result of the mine closures, many mines could be closed within the next few months. But a Ukrainian official told RT that while the government is committed to the initiative, it did not "care about the economic consequences of our policy choice".

One mine that remains closed due to the measures announced by Ukraine, on Ukraine's Volkhov Island, is the Ust-Nast mine. It is located off the island of Volkhov in Russia's Northern Siberia. The facility used to produce the chemical weapon the US military believes was used in the Sarin gas attacks in August 2013.

A total of 3,400 people are still working there now.

"The only thing we have is a situation where these mine closure drills come once a month. Our mines are not open anymore," Ust-Nast owner Vadim Vasilyev told journalists in November of this year.

Filmmaker mike rubbo on abc broken hill discusses his experience with Harvey Weinstein, Harvey's latest scandal and what victims should do to deal with it

Cameron Diaz-Alvarado, star of 'Nurse Jackie' talks about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein

The producer, who plays a hospital doctor in the movie about a woman's journey into medicine, says there are also 'credible sources' who have told him Harvey has been a'very aggressive rapist'

The story follows a pair of women who met at a dinner party - but have been repeatedly assaulted by the director himself

When it comes to the women who have gone public with their stories about Harvey Weinstein's alleged misconduct with young actresses, one woman comes with a story to tell, after a career and career ending encounter with the director.

The film is called Nurse Jackie, by mike rubbo, and follows a pair of actresses who have gone public with their stories about Harvey Weinstein's alleged misconduct with young actresses, one woman coming with a story to tell, after a career and career ending encounter with the director.

In her first interview with the Washington Post, 'Nurse Jackie' co-star Cameron Diaz-Alvarado revealed she met Weinstein in New York.

'I was at a restaurant where people were playing music and it was really nice and we were just chatting around. I was just kind of hanging out and I thought: "Oh hey, I guess I'd meet him if I could." He was in a restaurant. I walked up to him and he stopped me on my way out.'

She says she told him how she felt and how she didn't want to meet him, and he left in an 'unexpected way.'

Scroll down for video

Cameron Diaz-Alvarado, star of 'Nurse Jackie' (pictured), talks about her experience with Harvey Weinstein (pictured), and says he's a'very aggressive rapist'

Told about the encounter, Diaz-Alvarado says, 'He started talking about me being the same age as he was and when I turned 21, he was 35, was he married? 'Oh my gosh!' said Diaz-Alvarado.

'I remember feeling violated and shocked and like, "Oh my God," when I thought that that was him.'"

She says as she got off the elevator, Weinstein said, 'What did you get there?'

Diaz-Alvarado said it sounded like he could have been serious in his response. She recalls her fear of him pulling out.

'He said I was a "star," he said. I had been "bought and paid for" and now he was a star.'

After Diaz-Alva

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